Monday, November 1, 2010

Major graphic overhaul

I decided to update my little blog's minimalistic appearence. I am still experimenting with the new template and its look: so if anything looks out of bounds or does not display correctly, just grab the 'comments' button, and give some feedback!

In the meantime, I was also preparing my future posts. Some of the titles planned for the near future: "Commodities on Linear A tablets, part II", "Classifying the names on the Haghia Triada Tablets", "What does Linear A tell us about Cretan geography?" and "Anatolian loans in Minoan". Stay tuned!


  1. Wow! Nice visual direction you took. Maybe the header needs to be a little brighter and bolder but I think it really works.

  2. Love the changes. Absolutely gorgeous and really captures the romanticism of ancient Crete :)

  3. RE: classifications

    Do you have access to Ilse Schoep's dissertation, by any chance? It's available as Suplementos a Minos no. 17, and is entitled The Administration of Neopalatial Crete.

    It's a very information-rich read and review of most of the last 60+ years of Linear A publications. I've just finished reading chapter one which mostly treats symbol level discussion. Chapter two is about classifying the tablets and I believe will also go into some details about internally classifying some of the sign groups.

    Definitely a worthwhile read so far, and has given me a lot to ponder!